TRG Tech Session - Feb 19, 2011

Kurt Fischer photo by Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President
 Photos by Bob Schoenherr

It was a cold and blustery day (bad words but true!) and after several days of rain the Redwood Region was ready for some nice, warm indoor fun! What better place than the famed race shop of The Racer's Group (TRG) situated in industrial Petaluma. Fifty-plus of us showed up for the Tech Session and wine tasting at Kevin Buckler's award-winning Adobe Road Winery.

Martin Steger, Director of Club Racing and Driver Development, and I spoke last year about doing this Tech Session, and over the months it all came to fruition for a great wintertime indoor event Assisted by Jay Jarvis, one of the senior TRG Porsche technicians, we put three cars up on the TRG racks to analyze the important underneath parts. First, we featured the 1966 912 with a 2.2 liter 911
motor owned by Ted French of the Diablo Region. Ted's car is a purpose-built autocross and track car, and according to Martin and Jay, all looked good. I heard that Ted will be upgrading his front sway bar to a thicker one so that track days will be stickier!

Next up was Rick Wahlberg's Carrera 3.2 that had minor leakage issues and a couple of mismatched tires. Rick will be attending to these problems soon! Finally, the 1999 Boxster of Ron Breeze that is both autocrossed and tracked made its way onto the rack. Comments from Jay were well-placed as Ron is
thinking about new rear control arms to give him more camber adjustment for track days, and also upgrading both his intake and exhaust systems for better breathing.

TRG had the floor covered with spare carbon fiber fenders for sale and Debra Barton of the TRG staff had great t-shirts for sale, along with Porsche books, brake rotors and pads; she seemed to do a brisk business among the gathered members. The TRG t-shirts have outstanding graphics of our favorite car! I
also know of a complete set of fenders that are heading to one of our members for his track car.

After the three cars up on the rack, it was time for lunch. Armed with our folding chairs and sandwiches, we spread out all over the TRG shop for our lunchtime victuals and the opening of the big oak door to the Adobe Road Winery. Pouring wines were Jamielyn, Meagan, Amanda, and Scott of the winery staff,
and the talk in the winery was both Porsches and wine. Personal favorites of mine, the Zinfandel and Pinot Noir are both gold medal winning wines! What a true juxtaposition: a dedicated race shop and winery under one roof! Only in the Redwood (Redwine) Region....

One of our ace photographers and videographer, Bob Schoenherr, recorded the day with stills and video:

Martin and I both want this event to be an annual for the Redwood Region so look for us there at TRG again next year!  I'll leave you with this saying, found on the wall from the race shop into the lobby. It's on Bob's video (first few seconds): "Put your big girl panties on...and deal with it!" Hilarious and ever so true!
Looking forward to next year's visit to TRG and again thanks to the entire TRG staff for hosting us Porsche crazies last Saturday. What a great informative and pleasant time we had! Best of luck to all the TRG race efforts for 2011....
TRG Tech Session Photos by Bob Schoenherr

TRG Tech Session Video by Bob Schoenherr