Bob Schoenherr   by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership

Oh Crap it's Winter!!!

As if you hadn't noticed, winter has cooled us over like cold beer in an icebox. So what does a car person do in winter? I call them my winter car projects. Anita calls them "I won't worry where Bob is for the next 100 hours". If you plan on driving a tour, competing in autocross, concoursing, or just driving when the weather gets better, then you need to use these winter months to prepare your car for the usage it will see once the sun is out regularly.

I would like to supply you with a list of car projects you might want to try, or just look over, "Because what the heck, winter is for sleeping," said the grizzly bear. I will go from easiest to the more mechanically challenging projects on my list. Please enjoy the list as there is something for everyone.  

  1. Fill your Porsche up with gas. If you don't drive the car much at all (sits for weeks), then a full tank will  help keep the gas tank from developing varnish which in turn messes up the fuel lines.
  2. Wash and wax your Porsche. Do this before you cover your Porsche or just let it sit in the garage. Turn on the tunes and get a beverage; be one with your car while you are doing this. You may want to try one of the new sealants on your clear coat. These sealants really add protection and shine..
  3. Shop online or around town for accessories, tires and parts you need to replace before the next driving season. Look at forums and see what others of your make Porsche do for regular maintenance and upgrades.
  4. Take your beloved car to one of our sponsors for a general checkup -- there's a doctor in the house.
  5. Change your motor oil. Winter can be rough (not RUF) on your engine just sitting idle. Oils do become acidic when they are mixed with burned gas fumes. Change the oil if the car is going to sit all lonely without you in the driver's seat.
  6. Change your air and cabin filters. We have a lot of pollen in the air here, so change that cabin filter once a year, you might start sneezing less.
  7. Touch up paint chips
  8. Polish your windshield and clean the windshield wipers or change them.
  9. Check your brake linings or pads.
  10. Check bearings.
  11. Adjust the valves for those of us without the hydraulic type.
  12. Modify your chassis for the coming autocross season. You can always make the car stiffer ...can't be the driver that is slowing you down!
  13. Add performance shocks and exhaust system. 
  14. Get real sticky tires and wheels for next season.
  15. Find another collectible Porsche to own.
  16. Rebuild the whole suspension, add coil overs.
  17. Rebuild your engine into the 7000 horse power beast you know you deserve.
  18. Repaint your car with flames. (We are in the USA you know.)
  19. Just have fun and be careful not to be a causality of black-ice, red cinder sand on the roads, or big pickup truck door dings while you are out and about.
  20. Read Hank Watts' book on autocross driving. (This is easy, I'm just out of order.)
  21. Read a German tour guide to the Autobahn. (This too is easy. again I'm out of order.)
  22. Redo your bucket list for 2013.
  23. Come up with a great dish to serve in the garage with your honey and friends celebrating the completion of one of these projects!!!!!!!!

Finally, Tom Strobel sent me this link talking about the new "E15" gasoline. AAA and everyone on the planet says they are bad for your fuel lines. Yes they are! Despite your political view this stuff should NOT be used in any Porsche of any vintage! Thanks Tom.