by Craig Steele, 2015 Redwood Vice President

On Sunday, June 7th, we spent a couple of hours with co-owners Chris Bishop and Scott Babson who founded Kustom Kar Audio in Santa Rosa. These guys know the mobile audio world from A to Z. We were able to hear recently installed audio systems in a Corvette ZO6 and Porsche 911. Next, we were able to see a Chevrolet El Camino completely stripped down so we could examine the new wiring detail, sound deadening installation and front dash modifications.

The featured event was sitting with Gary Summers, a four time Oscar winning sound engineer, in his 2006 Mercedes C230. The budget for his audio upgrades easily exceeds $80K. Gary showed us one-on-one how he tunes this this audio system as he played his Steely Dan song. I have never experience such pure dynamic music before.

Even though we had light attendance because of other conflicting Porsche events, those who attended got their audio questions answered including this event planner.

Chris Bishop (L) and Scott Babson (M) explain the challenges of building a great mobile audio system as Porsche drivers listen to their comments.