Hole in the Wall Gang Tour - May 21, 2011

 Bob Schoenherr, Ron Breeze, Glen Marks by Bob Schoenherr, Ron Breeze, and Glen Marks
                                      photos by Barbara McCrory

The Redwood Region Porsche Posse--notoriously known for bein' partial to driving twisty, winding roads, good food, good times, and wine tasting--joined up on a beautiful Saturday morning at The Owl Cafe in Cloverdale, where Butch "Bob" Cassidy and his lovely navigator Etta (Anita) led them on a search for the infamous "Hole in the Wall Gang" Hideout located somewhere in the California Coastal mountain range.

With a "head 'em up, round 'em up, move 'em out!" 60 Posse members--including Redwood Region Presidents, Past Presidents, and even our Zone 7 Representative--and their 28 trusty German steeds from six counties made their way up Highway 101 and onto Highway 175, pausing on the Hopland grade to admire the beauty of Clear Lake, the oldest natural lake in North America. 

Still searching for the Hideout, the Posse stopped in Lakeport to look for clues at Library Park and to admire Clear Lake. After a thorough search and some picture takin', the restless, thirsty Posse, not finding the Hideout, decided to make a raid on Ceago Estates and Winery for a little liquid refreshment, more picture takin', general revelry, and a crash course in biodiverse farming from Jim Fetzer, the leader of The Ceago Gang.

After slaking their thirst and admiring the Ceago Tuscany architecture, the Posse was restless to move on in search of the Hole in the Wall Hideout, where they had been told awaited more revelry, more wine, food, gamblin', and some good-natured shootouts. Following Butch and Etta, the group headed their steeds through Clearlake Oaks, Lower Lake, and Spruce Valley. Finally, the trail got hot in Hidden Valley, just north of Middletown. 

After some tricky maneuvers with their steeds through a "mini autocross" course, the Porsche Posse finally met up with Glen "Sundance" Cone Killer Kid at the entrance to the Hideout, where a password was needed to get inside to the festivities. Since the entrance to the Hideout was indeed a hole in the wall, everyone going in had to duck down to enter, thus "duck" was the password for entry.

Once inside, the high-spirited Posse was treated to crawfish, mussels, shrimp, smoked pork, brisket, veggies, and Belgian Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Wine was poured by the Six Sigma Winery to wash down the savory fare. Once fed, the group turned its attention to gambling, with free poker chips for everyone, blackjack, roulette, craps, some target shootin' for the deadeyes, and some "friendly gunfights" outside in the corral area...pretty much everything a high-spirited Posse like this needed to have a good time. 


The Posse decided they'd like to visit the Hole in the Wall hideout every year, as everyone had a great time at this unique Redwood Region event. See y'all on the trail next year and, until then, "Happy trails to you until we meet again!"


group shot Clearlake

Group Shot at Clearlake

old truck Owl Cafe

We've all heard this one before...the Porsche is still in
the garage. . . the meetup at the Owl Cafe

the open road Porsche style

Porsches and an open road. . .
What could be better?