Overnight Tour to Benbow, Saturday and Sunday, September 15-16, 2012

Mary Neidel  by Mary Neidel, Redwood Region Member

It was a bit chilly in Santa Rosa that morning but it was going to be a hot weekend. Twenty-two of us gathered at Kaffe Mocha. Before we left, Porsche trivia questions were handed out to the drivers and it was announced that a prize would be given away later that night for the most correct or most creative answers to the questions. Then we were on the road. 

Highway 101 is such a nice drive from there that we took 101 all the way to Garberville, with a quick rest stop in Ukiah on the way. We arrived at the Benbow Inn in time for lunch. Some of us went to the Benbow dining room, while others decided to picnic on the beautiful grounds. We were among those who decided to picnic. Rob and I, joined by George and Shirley Neidel, grabbed some food and wine at the local market and joined Vern Rogers and Susan Stuart for a picnic on the patio overlooking the river and historic bridge. As we sat there enjoying the warmth and conversation, others joined in bringing wines to share. We spent many hours sharing stories, laughing, and enjoying afternoon tea, wine, and the freshly baked scones, warm from the oven, that come out at "Tea Time" in the lobby every afternoon.

Some of our group with young children enjoyed the hotel pool and dined in town that night. Most of us met back up at our room for happy hour. We announced the winner of the Porsche trivia questions my husband Rob had put together and handed out at the beginning of the tour. The winners were Paul and Kay Simmons. We gifted them with wine; is there a theme here?

After happy hour we made our way downstairs and back out to the patio for dinner. The sun had gone down and it was still warm. The trees were strewn with lights and it was a gorgeous night.

Dinner was long and leisurely and a few of us moved to the lobby to enjoy the rest of the evening. We visited and played games late into the night.

There were no plans for Sunday, but most had breakfast at the Inn and went on their way to drive through the redwood trees or visit historic local towns. It was very relaxing to spend time with our fellow Porsche enthusiasts.

Benbow Inn

The Redwood Gang at Benbow Inn