Run for the Crab - May 10, 2014
Simone Kopitzki
by Simone Koptzki, Redwood Region Sponsorship Director

My First Crab

A crowd of about 60 people and 35 cars gathered at Kaffe' Mocha in Santa Rosa on a chilly and breezy morning. We embarked on a beautiful 42 mile drive though wine country arriving at the Oakmont Golf Course. By the time we sat for lunch the wind was still blowing off and on, but the temperature had warmed to about 70 degrees.

Lunch was served outside on a beautiful terrace overlooking the golf course's 18th green with a gorgeous view of the course and mountains of the Valley of the Moon. The crab was served out of the "pot", buffet style, with all the condiments and accompaniments: butter, bread, lemons, herb and cocktail sauces, fresh greens and crumbled blue cheese. And there was a private wine bar just for us!  

The table was set with "nut crackers", the sight of which made me a little apprehensive as I had never eaten crab before. Yes, I know I have lived in the Bay Area for 11 years now, but never before have I had crab!  I thought an event like this would be perfect for my first time; I could see how others maneuvered their way through all those shells to get to the good stuff. And it was fun! We got "dribble bibs", which were somewhat pesky as they blew around in the ongoing wind. But we made it - it was great. My first crab - very yummy.  

We really enjoyed the crab and the great company. There were a bunch of new people at the lunch who also enjoyed being there as well as us veterans. I was very happy to see John and Wynne Bergman. He told me that he had just recovered from a stroke suffered in October. He is doing very well and I am glad that he is able to attend club events again. This should remind us all how quickly life can change and that we should all enjoy life sooner than later.

The event was a great success. Sharon Castle did an excellent job planning and organizing. A big thank you to Sharon -- well done and this was her first event for our Club. It was a great day and we drove home very stuffed and happy. Looking forward to the next event with the Redwood Region.   

Photographs by Simone Kopitzki. To see Simone's entire photo collection click here.