Stopping in Jenner

"Queenie" in her "Whale" Livery

The group in front of the lighthouse

A picnic lunch by the shore
Whale to Whale Tail Rallye -- March 8, 2014

bob schoenherr headshot 2011Story and photos by Bob Schoenherr, Redwood Region Membership Director

Our 4th annual Whale to Whale Tail Rallye was attended by 26 Redwood region members in 17 Porsches ranging in vintage from model year 1969 to 2011. Anita and I had a great time organizing this run as we have a beautiful roads, a great coastline and an end point that delivers lots of California personality.

We started from our usual spot at Kaffe Mocha on Airport Boulevard in Santa Rosa. We wound our way around the airport to River Road eventually arriving at Highway 1 and then on to the Point Arena Lighthouse. Many other people were also enjoying the outdoors on this beautiful day; we saw many bicyclists, joggers, and other locals and tourists enjoying the day.

To start the day we passed out puzzle piece number 1, thus giving our tour members something to contemplate as we began the drive.Additional puzzle pieces were passed out at various stops with the final piece being obtained at the Point Arena Lighthouse.The puzzle was information on a famous Porsche, "Moby Dick". David Bunch was the first to figure out  that Moby was the winning answer! Moby Dick was quite a car, check it out at this link: Moby Dick     

A joy of the day was seeing a variety of Northern California's wildlife along the way; we saw red-tailed hawks, Merlins, and sea lions. When we arrived at the lighthouse everyone settled into an afternoon of watching whales passing by one after another showing us their spouts, flukes and dorsal fins. We saw a countless numbers of whales this year; it really made up for those years that we saw only one or two.The weather and time of year really played a role in enhancing the whale watching.

One thing that we tried this year was to give everyone a tour memento. The magnetic card was really cherished by those who had already been on one or more of our WtWR tours. We had new members and old timers, like Essy Fariab who only missed one of the tours. Essy's comment," I really appreciate having something to remind me of a tour that is so much fun each year."

Thanks to the Point Arena Lighthouse staff, Julian and Briana, for make our visit entertaining and informative. Anita and I also want to thank Vern and Susan for the lighthouse gifts - it really added to our day. Can't wait till next year to see what our wonderful Northern California coast brings us.

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