Parade Trek -Tahoe: Father and son enjoying a little Nevada gaming action. Lots of fun no big winner. Dad is 93 and proudly demonstrates his service to the country.

Porsche Trek- Arrived this AM at daughter, Shannon home in Parker CO on Tuesday 6/16. Staying two nights to enjoy family before final two day dash to Indiana.

Parade Trek: Churchill Downs, after driving through Hurricane Bill, we landed in Louisville KY for some deserved R&R. We started with the first leg of the triple Crown winner American Pharoah feat. "Brenda!" I got you the last recycled horseshoe. Tomorrow, we start the next phase of this trip 60th Porsche Parade with a 90min dash to French Lick, IN.

Parade Trek: Indy Raceway. Dave and I started our morning with 75 Porsches heading for Indianapolis. We had Lunch at Rathskeller Restaurant before heading foe the speedway. My go Pro broke so I used my smart phone to capture some pretty racy conversation on the track. Our top time was 73 mph with an average pace of 20 mph. Lastly, we visited the museum and saw replica of the Indy 500 trophy along with an outstanding race car collection.

Parade Trek: Ohio River Valley Tour and AX Party, Went on our last auto tour on Indiana Rt. 66. Was a great drive over 4 hours of scenic country. Tonight at the AX party two of the original Chickenettes, Justine and Terry won their AX class. Great birthday present for Justine.

Parade Trek: 2015 Parade and I packed the Cayman S to start the final phase of my journey, drive the Route 66, the mother road. Arrived in Chicago and visited Navy Pier. At Chicago's Adam and Michigan stood next to the official Route 66 start sign. Tomorrow I start to head to Santa Monica's pier and the Route 66 finish.

Route 66 Tour- Two Arizona bucket list items: visit the Meteor Crater and stand next to the James Brown status at Winslow AZ. Are you ALL getting your bucket lists checked off?

Route 66 Completed, Started in Chicago, Mon 6/29 and ended in Santa Monica, Friday 7/3, 2278 miles, 4 nights, 5 days. I received a certified certificate of completion at Route 66 booth on the Santa Monica pier.

                           Craig Steele

Porsche Parade Road Trip - A pictorial blog  2015 by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Vice President


I'm packed and ready to head for the 60th Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana. First stop, South Lake Tahoe and visit my Dad. Gambling may be involved.

Parade Trek- SLC, Cayman did great on first leg. Averaged 80-85 mph, weather was sunny with 85 temperature. Tomorrow on to Laramie WY. Waiting to eat at this fantastic Mexican restaurant


Porsche Trek: The six Porsches drove across Kansas today. By the time we landed at our Lodging tonight, we logged in 600 miles. Lunch was lots of fun at Al's Chickenette. The owner showed off her new Porsche Cab. She gave us free tee shirts.

Parade Day 1: Dave and I arrived at French Lick form Louisville. The seven trekkers showed up at the Welcome Parade Party with our matching Hayes KS Chickenette black tees.

Parade Trek: Auto crossing at the local French Lick airport. Dave and I went and walked the course at 7:30 am. We finally made back to our room at 5:30pm. A long humid day doing our favorite thing racing German steel. We had Wolfgang and son, Felix Porsche visited the event, also Pete Stout, Redwood member and Panorama editor was interviewing them both. I had two DNF's, one clean run and picked off a cone for my final run.

Parade Trek: French Lick, I did the 5K walk on Saturday. That afternoon after our Parade lap for the local we staged our Porsches. Lastly our final 2015 Parade Photo shot with and without drivers

Route 66: Made it half way, 1137 miles to go...

My Porsche journey is now over. I started and ended in Santa Rosa. From Thursday June 11th to Sunday July 5th I covered 6457 miles, used 267 gallons of gas to travel out and back to Indiana for the 60th Porsche Parade. As is my tradition, I collected smashed pennies for fifty cents each and label pins of specific destinations I visit.