Bob Schoenherr  by Bob Schoenherr, Autocross Co-Director

The fifth annual Whale to Whale Tail rallye was welcomed with more than perfect weather.  Our Porsches enjoyed a day in the 70's with the slightest of breeze.  Everyone gathered at the coffee shop in north Santa Rosa off of Airport Blvd for the start of the rallye/poker run.   Eighteen cars were present for the run .  Craig and Sandy Steele joined Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing  in setting up this year's tour. This year did we not only setup a great drive but also played  a game of Whale Hold'em poker that raised money for CASA, our Redwood Charity. Everyone saw the dealer's cards as we left on the tour.

We made our way through the back roads of Santa Rosa heading toward the coast and wound up at Duncans Mill for our first down card and a quick bathroom break.   Most people were already talking about their poker hand but still keeping a poker face as we left for our next stop.   Our next stop is our usual scenic view between Jenner and Ft  Ross.  The ocean was clear and the roads were too(for the most part).  At this stop everyone got their second "down" card.  The excitement was building on who will win the poker hand as everyone now had 5 cards (including the "up" cards). We headed to Gualala for our final stop before the lighthouse.  Gualala is a great place with friendly bathrooms and place to get a sandwich.  Our Whale hold'em players got their 3rd down card with only the "Ocean card"  to be turned over at the lighthouse. 

The drive was spirited all the way to the lighthouse with GT3s, 911s, Boxsters, Caymans and even our 914 "The Green Machine"leading the way.  The Ocean card was turned over and who, but new membership director, Tom Short has the winning hand.  It was great of Tom to donate his winnings back to CASA. As we all ate lunch a dozen whales made their tour by us on their way to Alaska. As always the Pt Arena Lighthouse volunteers were fantastic.  A very special thanks goes to Craig and Sandy Steele for driving the course and assisting in all the other things that happen on the tours.

What a great day it was as everyone left to drive home. Anita and I went back on 128 and then Hopland grade.  The top was down and the sun was out as we drove home with another year of great memories of one of our favorite drives along the Sonoma and Mendocino coast.

Whale to Whale Tail Rallye

Driver's Meeting

Point Arena Light House

Photo's courtesy of Tom Short, Redwood Membership Director